NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2016 Washington UpdateBy Andrea Peterson(read online digital version) The National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force helped jumpstart a more inclusive Air Force two years ago by strongly recommending the service make more use of the Air National Guard and... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2016 Capital ViewBy Rep.Jim Bridenstine(read online digital version) The Budget Control Act of 2011 is a terrible law that led to the sequester, which has already damaged the Defense Department. It forced the services to reduce personnel end-strength and readiness and... Read more
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NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2016By Ron Jensen(read online digital verstion) Vet status, aircraft mod and keeping Apaches in the force are among the association’s legislative priorities for 2016 By the year's end, National Guard retirees likely will be able to call themselves veterans if they... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2016By William Matthews(read online digital version) Pentagon’s 2017 spending plan creates a smaller, more ready force, but Congress, as always, will set the final budget arithmetic In a budget proposal that the defense secretary described as “making choices and... Read more
April 2016 The Air National Guard is a winner in the Pentagon’s budget request for fiscal 2017. The Army Guard has little to cheer about. The budget put out by the Defense Department is analyzed from a Guard perspective in the annual legislative issue of National Guard. NGAUS is pushing several... Read more
Washington Report (March 22, 2016) The Air Force still plans to retire its best close-air-support airplane, but the A-10 has proven as tough to kill in the nation's capital as it is over the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite the Air Force's plan, there remains no operational alternative... Read more
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NATIONAL GUARD magazine March 2016 Chairwoman’s MessageBy Retired Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst(read online digital version) If you and I have chatted about NGAUS, you no doubt quickly learned of my affection for our incredible headquarters in Washington, D.C. I am still awestruck every time I see... Read more