NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2016 Last WordBy Lt. Col. Sean F. Conroy(read online digital version) During my 18 years as a member of the Air National Guard, I have had the privilege of commanding and observing some fantastic folks. Unfortunately, too many of their retirements, some of which I... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD May 2016 Washington UpdateBy Retired Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett(read online digital version) When the National Commission on the Future of the Army released its report in January, NGAUS was pleased that it recommended greater use of the Army National Guard. And during the press conference... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2016 Guard RootsBy Jason Welch(read online digital version) When faith led to fighting in early 19th-century Missouri, the governor called the militia, which was pulled into the clash When the land in Northwestern Missouri was opened for settlement in the 19th century,... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD May 2016By Bob Haskell(read online digital version) Tens of thousands of veterans will be laid to rest this year with military honors performed by Guard funeral details On behalf of the President of the United States … and a grateful nation … Those are among the most sobering and... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2016(read online digital version) 'Right now, the focus is readiness' Gen. Frank J. Grass is nearing the homestretch of his four-year term as chief of the National Guard Bureau. He is set to retire in September and the president has already nominated a successor. Yet... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2016By William Matthews(read online digital version) Guard C-130H cargo planes need a long list of upgrades. All are important, but some are more urgent than others When Col. Frank Detorie isn’t flying modern passenger jets for United Airlines, he climbs into the pilot... Read more
May 2016 Gen. Frank J. Grass is nearing the end of his tenure as chief of the National Guard Bureau. He recently talked to NATIONAL GUARD about issues of importance to the Guard, the mentors who helped him and how he keeps his finger on the force’s pulse. It’s in this month’s edition of NATIONAL... Read more
Washington Report (April 26, 2016) The Air National Guard is a winner in the Pentagon’s budget request for fiscal 2017. The Army Guard has little to cheer about. The budget developed by the Defense Department is analyzed from a Guard perspective in the annual legislative issue of National Guard.... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2016 Chairwoman's Message(read online digital version) You repeatedly hear that the resolutions process is one of the most important things we do as members of NGAUS, guiding the association’s legislative staff in Washington, D.C., as it builds our legislative agenda... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2016 Last WordBy Capt. Sean Murphy(read online digital version) "We may have a suicide situation.” No leader wants to hear those words, but they do far too often. I heard them not long after taking command. Having commissioned late in my career and having been a... Read more