NATIONAL GUARD magazine July 2015(read online digital version) ‘Wearing the uniform of my country has been the highlight of my life’ Before he became a lawmaker on Capitol Hill, Lindsey Graham practiced law, first in the Air Force (1982-1988) and then in the South Carolina Air National Guard (1989-... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine July 2015By Ron Jensen(read online digital version) Maryland's senior officer has made her remarkable journey an open book, one demonstrating that past need not be prologue Ah, sweet perspective. Perspective allows us to view the world from another perch, to see things over... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine July 2015By William Matthews(read online digital version) New systems, greater precision and the emergence of conventional adversaries have Guard field artillery on the rise moving forward Sometimes the call would come in the middle of the night. Soldiers of the Wisconsin... Read more
JUNE 2015 Simulators have been a valuable tool for years, but new technology is allowing the National Guard to broaden the scope of the training they provide. Large-scale exercises are now a click away. Read about it in the new issue of NATIONAL GUARD. National Guard members are doing better at... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine June 2015 Washington UpdateBy Retired Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett(read online digital version) One of the best parts of being NGAUS president is visiting state associations and National Guard units across the country. Beyond the chance to update Guardsmen of developments in... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine June 2015 Chairwoman's MessageBy Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst(read online digital version) The National Commission on the Future of the Army got underway last month and my hopes were high as I began to read the transcripts of testimony presented to the eight panel members.... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine June 2015Guard RootsBy Dan Heaton(read online digital version) The 1903 law that transformed the separate state militias into the National Guard was the work of a real soldier-politician You can thank Charles Dick for today’s National Guard. One of the relatively few people... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine June 2015By Marc Acton(read online digital version) What began as an effort to bolster Guard pass rates at Ranger School now helps produce better warriors across all three Army components The Army's Ranger school is widely recognized as one of the ultimate tests of mental... Read more
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NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2015Washington UpdateBy Pete Duffy(read online digital version) It is time for me to leave NGAUS after more than eight years at a job made in heaven. Of course, I will miss working with my terrific co-workers in an amazing building with all of us striving every day to... Read more