MAY 2015 The C-130 has been around for decades, but it is still a workhorse for the Total Air Force. Keeping an old aircraft up to date has proven to be a problem. However, if all goes well with a new modernization plan, those old Hercs should continue to fly. Read about it in the current issue... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2015Last WordBy Jim Patterson(read online digital edition) I had a small nonspeaking role in the movie Selma, which tells the story of the civil rights march from Selma, Ala., to the state Capitol in Montgomery in March 1965. The movie has been honored in many ways,... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2015 Washington UpdateBy Pete Duffy(read online digital edition) Reducing from 60 the age when a National Guardsman can begin receiving retirement pay has long been a NGAUS priority. And now relief may finally be within our grasp. We are urging Congress to quickly pass... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2015By Ron Jensen(read online digital edition) The 114th Congress boasts 22 lawmakers with Guard service, including two first-termers with little in common until now other than their continuing drill-status service NGAUS fared well in the 2014 midterm elections in... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2015(read online digital version) ‘We have not done a good job in helping everybody understand the impact of sequestration on the National Guard’ It's tough to overstate the role Rep. William McClellan “Mac” Thornberry plays these days in defense matters. The 10-term... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2015By Rebecca Autrey(read online digital version)   The NGAUS legislative team has undergone significant change, but the new players bring credentials and last year provides momentum   The past year has been one of change for the NGAUS legislative team. Two longtime... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2015By William Matthews(read online digital version) The annual defense budget routinely leaves Congress very different than it arrives as a request, but this year the change may be dramatic When Pentagon comptroller Mike McCord unveiled the 2016 defense budget request... Read more
APRIL 2015 Two National Guard officers were elected to Congress in November. Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and Rep. Mark Takai, D-Hawaii, are also members of NGAUS. They talk about why they wanted to join Congress and how their Guard service influences them in the April edition of NATIONAL GUARD. The... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine March 2015 Washington UpdateBy Retired Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett(read online digital version) I want to thank Gen. Ray Odierno for the concern he showed for the Army National Guard during his testimony recently before the Senate Appropriations Committee. I also want to tell the... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine March 2015 Capitol ViewBy Rep. Steven Palazzo(read online digital version) As we begin the 114th Congress, I am proud that I’ve joined Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota as a co-chairman of the House National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus. Formed in 1996, the caucus ensures... Read more