NATIONAL GUARD magazine June 2015Guard RootsBy Dan Heaton(read online digital version) The 1903 law that transformed the separate state militias into the National Guard was the work of a real soldier-politician You can thank Charles Dick for today’s National Guard. One of the relatively few people... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine June 2015By Marc Acton(read online digital version) What began as an effort to bolster Guard pass rates at Ranger School now helps produce better warriors across all three Army components The Army's Ranger school is widely recognized as one of the ultimate tests of mental... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine June 2015By William Matthews(read online digital version) The next big thing in simulators is already here, bringing closer the idea of large-scale virtual exercises and battle rehearsals As his giant C-17 Globemaster III transport plane rumbles down the runway at Memphis (... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2015Washington UpdateBy Pete Duffy(read online digital version) It is time for me to leave NGAUS after more than eight years at a job made in heaven. Of course, I will miss working with my terrific co-workers in an amazing building with all of us striving every day to... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2015Guard RootsBy Bob Haskell(read online digital version) Paul Revere was known in colonial times for two events: One is part of American lore, the other is not Paul Revere of Boston had an ax to grind as America welcomed the year 1782, when its war for independence was... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2015By Rebecca Autrey(read online digital version) C-130Hs lack the equipment to meet 2020 airspace regulations. A mod plan is finally in place, but it will take until 2022 to complete When the Beatles released The Long and Winding Road in 1970, they most certainly did... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2015By Ron Jensen(read online digital version) The Army commission got off to a rocky start before its work even began, but all involved appear to want an impartial process The Army's Future is about to begin. A panel will hold a hearing this month just outside... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine May 2015By William Matthews(read online digital version) Well built, modernized frequently and pampered by their crew chiefs, KC-135 tankers don’t act their age. Good thing, since the Air Force wants 30 more years from them It was designed and built back “in the age of slide... Read more
MAY 2015 The C-130 has been around for decades, but it is still a workhorse for the Total Air Force. Keeping an old aircraft up to date has proven to be a problem. However, if all goes well with a new modernization plan, those old Hercs should continue to fly. Read about it in the current issue... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine April 2015Last WordBy Jim Patterson(read online digital edition) I had a small nonspeaking role in the movie Selma, which tells the story of the civil rights march from Selma, Ala., to the state Capitol in Montgomery in March 1965. The movie has been honored in many ways,... Read more