NATIONAL GUARD magazine February 2017 Chairman’s MessageBy Maj. Gen. James Hoyer & Maj. Gen. Glenn Curtis(read online digital version) NGAUS and the Adjutants General Association of the United States have developed a set of combined legislative priorities for 2017. We base them on the... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine February 2017By William Matthews(read online digital version) Congress made good on its promise to reform TRICARE, but work remains on satisfying the needs of the Guard In a desperate search for survivors, members of two special National Guard rescue teams waded waist deep... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine February 2017By Bob Haskell(read online digital version) Looming changes to the retirement system will force most Guardsmen to think far ahead and make a choice affecting their future finances. Fortunately, guidance is available Consider the plight of a traditional reserve-... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine February 2017 President’s Annual ReportBy Retired Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett(read online digital version) NGAUS has many victories over the last seven years, but our association’s best days are still ahead I look forward each year to publishing this annual report to members in... Read more
February 2017 A new military retirement system goes into effect in 2018, so military members should spend the rest of 2017 learning about the Blended Retirement System to determine if it is right for them. Read about this major change to the military retirement program in the February issue of... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazineJanuary 2017 Washington Update(read online digital version) All retired National Guardsmen and Reservists are now recognized as veterans in U.S. law. President Barack Obama signed legislation Dec. 16 that expands the legal definition of a veteran to include Guardsmen and... Read more
January 2017 Whether climate change is to blame or not, the National Guard has been busy in recent years responding to floods, wildfires and snowstorms that are just a little more frequent and a bit more intense. Read how the force is adapting to this challenge in the January issue of NATIONAL... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine January 2017 Chairman’s MessageBy Maj. Gen. James Hoyer(read online digital version) A new Congress gets seated this month. And a new president will take the oath on the National Mall. So it’s a good time to appreciate how this country passes the torch from one... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine January 2017 Guard RootsBy Ron Jensen(read online digital version) A wounded Harlem Hellfighter used his painting to help recover from the horrors of war and share his struggles against segregation. His work now hangs in museums In the years just prior to and during World... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine January 2017By Cody Erbacher(read online digital version) NGEDA meeting offers a preview of the 2017 NGAUS conference. But this month’s gathering will cover more than just event planning NGAUS is often referred to as “an association of associations,” the latter being the... Read more