NATIONAL GUARD magazine December 2015By Capt. Mark Timmons(read online digital version) Army leaders say some Guard units need to train more than 39 days a year. A new survey shows Guardsmen agree Most National Guardsmen believe 39 days is not enough time to complete required training and... Read more
December 2015 National Guard UH-60 Black Hawks are old. And getting older. Efforts are underway to slow the aging process of the fleet, but it is costly and time-consuming. NATIONAL GUARD takes a look at this ongoing effort in the current issue now on its way to your mailbox. George C. Marshall... Read more
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NATIONAL GUARD magazine December 2015 Guard RootsBy Bob Haskell(read online digital version) The leader largely credited with rebuilding Western Europe after World War II also had fingerprints on the postwar National Guard Most Americans have heard of the Marshall Plan, named for Secretary of State... Read more
Washington Report  (November 17, 2015) No one has more hours in the AH-64 Apache than Chief Warrant Officer 5 Ken Jones with the Utah Army National Guard. Just before he retires, Jones talks about his impressive career, deploying with his son, and his thoughts on the Army's plan to remove Apaches... Read more
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NATIONAL GUARD magazine November 2015Chairwoman's MessageBy Retired Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst(read online digital version) I have retired. I am now a proud former member of the Ohio Army National Guard. And it feels good. My final days in uniform last month were spent reflecting on a career that... Read more
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