NATIONAL GUARD magazine October 2016By William Matthews(read online digital version) Only a portion of the Guard’s planned cyber units are in place, but they’re already responding to attacks on critical networks A week of escalating protests in Baltimore erupted into riots April 25, 2015. As the... Read more
October 2016 The Republican candidate for president promises to be a “true and loyal friend” to the National Guard when he works in the White House. Donald Trump was one of several important speakers who addressed the 138th General Conference & Exhibition last month in Baltimore. Complete... Read more
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NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2016By Ron Jensen(read online digital version) A Virginia Army National Guard general is proof that hard work, perseverance and a little help can take you a very long way By recounting the agonizing details of his remarkably harsh early life, Brig. Gen. Lapthe C.... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2016By William Matthews(read online digital version) Congress will likely again resort to stopgap to keep the defense dollars flowing after the fiscal year ends Sept. 30, but the stream won't cover everything By July, it was already depressingly clear: Once again,... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2016(read online digital version) ‘We Are In A Time Of Evolution And We Need To think About That’ Nicknames can have inglorious origins, yet still be revealing and even a source of pride, especially when you’re a pilot. Just ask the new director of the Air National... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2016By Cody Erbacher(read online digital version) 9/11 occurred 15 years ago this month. That fateful day is a long time ago for some, but like yesterday for others The events of Sept. 11 remain very vivid for many people, in part because they were there. For... Read more
September 2016 Several people remember the day terrorists attacked the nation 15 years ago. One was the National Guard Bureau chief. Another was a teenager far from the attacks. Another had a too-close seat for events in New York City. Read these recollections in the September issue of NATIONAL... Read more
Washington Report (August 30, 2016) A documentary offering a personal look at the National Guard at war is available nationwide today. “Citizen Soldier” can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play, as well as at a number of retail outlets including Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target. The film, which was... Read more
August 2016 Remotely piloted aircraft have been important players in combat. Could they also have a domestic role, such as during floods or wildfires or after a hurricane? The simple answer is yes, but there is nothing simple about how to get RPAs involved. The current issue of NATIONAL GUARD... Read more