MARCH 2015   For some National Guard members, the fighting in Ukraine is not a far-flung endeavor. They have friends in the battle, people they met through the State Partnership Program. The unique Guard program also is helping to calm jittery nerves in Eastern Europe. Read about it in the current... Read more
FEBRUARY 2015   The National Guard is making do with thousands of old Humvees by modernizing these workhorse vehicles that were supposed to be past their due date years ago. It’s a challenging effort, but it keeps the Guard’s fleet of Humvees rolling along. Read about it in the current edition of... Read more
JANUARY 2015 The National Guard was prepared to take on the fight against Ebola in West Africa when it looked like the deadly disease was out of control. Guardsmen in several states were leaning forward. Some were already on the ground. But the virus is not the threat it was thought to be and the... Read more
The chief of the National Guard Bureau talks about the force he says is more capable than it’s ever been despite budget woes, more than a decade of war and some testy relations with some parts of the active component. Gen. Frank J. Grass spent time with NATIONAL GUARD in a conversation you can read... Read more
The 113th Congress is on its final legs before turning over the keys to the government to a new set of lawmakers in January. Right now, the ‘lame duck’ Congress is trying to find common ground on the major defense bills, among other things. NGAUS’ take on defense issues now being negotiated can be... Read more
The Flying Razorbacks aren’t flying these days. After saying goodbye to the A-10, the Arkansas Air National Guard’s 188th Wing is awaiting the arrival of the MQ-9 Reaper. Read how this venerable flying wing is making the transition in the October issue of NATIONAL GUARD. The OH-58 Kiowa is... Read more
Washington Report (September 30, 2014) Congressional and Pentagon leaders joined National Guardsmen in Chicago last month at the 136th General Conference & Exhibition. Over three days, speakers and world events made it clear that the National Guard is needed now more than ever. Read more in... Read more
(August 18, 2014) The Army considers its plan to remove AH-64 Apache helicopters from the Army National Guard little more than an exchange of aircraft. But a unit in South Carolina demonstrates what more will be lost—years of experience, decades of knowledge and a lot of pride. Read about it in the... Read more
(July 21, 2014) The National Guard seems a perfect fit for defending the nation against cyber attacks. The Guard thinks so. So do governors. But a lack of clarity from lawmakers is slowing the process. National Guard takes a look at the current situation in its latest issue coming to your mailbox... Read more
(June 26, 2014) They perform important and dangerous missions purposely below the radar, which is why Special Operations National Guardsmen are known as “quiet professionals.”  They are in high demand and will get busier even as the war in Afghanistan comes to an end. Read about this unique group... Read more