NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015 Washington UpdateBy Mike Waite(read online digital version) There is much to like in the National Defense Authorization Act that lawmakers are likely to send to the president I've prepared a legislative progress report to deliver to the 137th General... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015 Chairwoman's MessageBy Deborah Ashenhurst(read digital online version) Many National Guardsmen have performed noteworthy acts or given decades of service. And their actions deserve to be remembered. All of us in the military were rightfully proud last month... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015 Guard RootsBy Heather Englehart(read digital online verision) Water destroyed everything in its path when the levees broke a decade ago, including a premier military museum. Today, it’s back open Many in New Oreleans remember Aug. 29, 2005, as the date that... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015By Rebecca Autrey(read online digital version) Congress is making big changes to the military retirement program. The medical system could be next National Guardsmen have many reasons to follow when negotiations between the House and Senate resume this month on... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015By Reid K. Beveridge(read online digital version) Traditional Guardsmen have limited space-A travel privileges, until they retire and turn age 60. Then they can fly worldwide Too many retired National Guardsmen are missing out on a highly pleasurable benefit... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015By Ron Jensen(read online digital version) The epic storm was a good teacher, especially in the states hardest hit, where 10 years later her lessons guide a generation of Guard leaders Hurricanes, for all their evil, are at least mannerly. Unlike in-laws and... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015(read online digital version) 'We’ve always provided the units, the readiness and the capability required’ If you were to compilie the experience set ideal for the officer directing federal programs for the Army National Guard, the list probably would look a... Read more
NATIONAL GUARD magazine September 2015By William Matthews(read online digital version) Pentagon officials finally settled on a new rescue helicopter that looks much like the current one. But fielding will take years, and that’s a problem It was nearly midnight, the temperature was dropping and... Read more
SEPTEMBER 2015 The Air National Guard is in the rescue business, but it does the job with a pretty old tool. A new version of the HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter is in the works, but it won’t be available for a long time. Read how the Air Guard copes in the September issue of NATIONAL GUARD. Hurricane... Read more
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