House of Representatives

Washington Report (April 25, 2017) The Army National Guard faces potential cuts to training if Congress passes a yearlong continuing resolution, says Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Kadavy, the service’s director. The government is currently operating under a continuing resolution through April 28. A yearlong... Read more
Washington Report (April 11, 2017) The House voted unanimously last week to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to continue the Veterans Choice Program until it runs out of funding. The Senate approved its version of the legislation two days earlier. The Veterans Choice Program Improvement Act... Read more
Washington Report (April 4, 2017) Legislation introduced last week would provide the most sweeping modernization to the National Guard military-technician program since its creation in 1968. Military technicians provide much of the full-time support required to maintain Guard readiness. They are... Read more
Washington Report (April 4, 2017) Legislation in the Senate and House would allow National Guardsmen and Reservists to deduct from their taxes expenses incurred while traveling to and from a duty station. The Tax Relief for Guard and Reserve Training Act, S 697 and HR 1687, has the support of NGAUS... Read more
Washington Report (April 4, 2017) Two lawmakers who served as Marines in Iraq have introduced legislation that would establish the National Global War on Terrorism Memorial in Washington, D.C. The bill introduced last week by Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., and Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., would exempt... Read more
Washington Report (April 4, 2017) A program that allows veterans to seek care from private providers would continue until the money runs out if Senate legislation becomes law. Senators voted unanimously Monday to eliminate the August deadline for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Choice... Read more
Washington Report (April 4, 2017) The Senate Appropriations Committee met last week at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia where officials say space for further burials will run out in less than 25 years without policy changes and additional space. Karen Durham-Aguilera, the executive director... Read more
Washington Report (March 28, 2017) The Air National Guard may rid itself of its 236 F-15C and D Eagle fighter jets to save money and replace them with F-16s, House lawmakers were told last week by the Air Guard director. Lt. Gen. L. Scott Rice confirmed that plan when asked about it by Rep. Joe... Read more
Washington Report (March 21, 2017) The Senate has joined the House by introducing legislation addressing inequalities in benefits for reserve-component members who deploy under the mobilization authority known as 12304b. Under 12304b, National Guard and Reserve members are ineligible for the health... Read more
Washington Report (March 21, 2017) Republicans say legislation passed by the House last week protects the rights of veterans to own guns. Democrats and other critics say it puts those veterans in danger. The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act sponsored by Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., the chairman of... Read more