Department of Defense

Washington Report (December 20, 2016) Vincent Viola, who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1977 and served in the 101st Airborne Division, is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to serve as secretary of the Army. Viola is a billionaire businessman who owns the Florida Panthers of the... Read more
Washington Report (December 6, 2016) Walgreens joined the TRICARE retail pharmacy network Dec. 1, while CVS pharmacies, including those in Target stores, have left the network on the same day. “The network will still have more than 57,000 locations across the country,” said Dr. George Jones, the... Read more
Washington Report (December 6, 2016) The Pentagon has kept quiet about an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its business operations according to interviews and confidential memos obtained by The Washington Post. The newspaper reported that senior defense officials... Read more
Washington Report (November 29, 2016) The National Guard is taking part in a pilot program designed to link valuable local resources with service members who are assigned to locations away from large military installations. The three-year pilot program, called Building Healthy Military Communities... Read more
Washington Report (November 22, 2016) Many service members can now apply to carry their privately owned firearms at government facilities for personal protection, according to a Defense Department directive issued last week. Effective Nov. 18, the directive culminates years of work, a Pentagon... Read more
Washington Report (November 15, 2016) Most women in uniform believe their military service is underappreciated by society, according to a poll released this week. In a new Service Women's Action Network survey, nearly 75 percent of the women said their military service is not understood or valued... Read more
Washington Report (November 8, 2016) Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced last week that recruiting will be reviewed because current standards for such things as fitness, marijuana use and tattoos may be “overly restrictive.” This marks the latest round of Carter’s Force of the Future personnel... Read more
Washington Report (November 1, 2016) A group of 30 senators have asked Defense Secretary Ash Carter to forgive the debts of some California National Guardsmen and return money to others who have already repaid bonus money they accepted although they were not entitled to it. The bipartisan effort is... Read more
(October 26, 2016) Defense Secretary Ash Carter has ordered a temporary halt to the controversial effort to recoup re-enlistment bonuses that were improperly paid to thousands of California National Guard members. His decision today ends for now what has become a hot potato for the Pentagon, the... Read more
Washington Report (October 25, 2016) Everybody seems to be weighing in on the effort by the Pentagon to recoup re-enlistment bonuses improperly paid to thousands of California Guardsmen 10 years ago when the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were raging. Soldiers are being asked to repay bonuses of $15,... Read more