Department of Defense

Washington Report (April 11, 2017) President Donald Trump’s pick to be the Army secretary has the full support of the defense secretary, but advocates for gay, lesbian and transgender rights say he is not a good choice to follow Eric Fanning, the first openly gay service secretary. Trump has... Read more
Washington Report (March 3, 2017) A Pentagon advisory committee on women’s issues released its annual report this week with recommendations on issues from mentorship to transition services to the chaplaincy. The Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, or DACOWITS, has been around since... Read more
Washington Report (March 21, 2017) Adding women to the Selective Service System and basing promotions on merit are two of 39 changes recommended for the military personnel system by the Bipartisan Policy Center. A task force formed by the nonprofit organization describes the Pentagon’s current... Read more
Washington Report (January 24, 2017) Former Rep. Heather Wilson, a graduate of the Air Force Academy who represented New Mexico in Congress for 10 years, has been nominated to be the next Air Force secretary. President Donald Trump made the announcement Monday at the White House. If approved, she... Read more
Washington Report (January 24, 2017) The Army’s next side arm will be manufactured by Sig Sauer, which has been awarded a $580 million, 10-year contract to produce the side arm. The award was announced last week and soldiers should begin receiving the weapon later this year. This ends an effort... Read more
Washington Report (January 24, 2017) The Indiana National Guard and the Republic of Niger will formalize Thursday a new partnership under the Defense Department's State Partnership Program, bringing the number of SPP partnerships to 75. "We are honored and excited for the opportunity to work... Read more
Washington Report (January 24, 2017) Retired Gen. James N. Mattis was confirmed Friday as defense secretary with a Senate vote of 98-1. Mattis served in the Marine Corps for 41 years, commanding at all levels and during three major operations. As a lieutenant colonel, Mattis commanded the 1st... Read more
Washington Report (January 17, 2017) Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has proposed an increase of $430 billion for the defense budget over the next five years. His plan is included in a paper called “Restoring American Power” and will be released this... Read more
Washington Report (January 17, 2017) The Defense Department has approved extending online shopping at military exchange websites to all honorable discharged veterans, a move that would affect 18 million people and increase profits $18 million to $72 million. The policy change was sent last week to... Read more
Washington Report (January 10, 2017) All honorably discharged military members could have access to online exchange shopping by Veterans Day, according to Defense Department documents obtained by Military Times. If the proposal becomes reality, it would greatly expand the customer base for the... Read more