Air National Guard

Washington Report (March 7, 2017) Retired Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett, the NGAUS president, will testify Thursday before a joint hearing of the veterans’ affairs committees of the House and Senate. Written Testimony Hargett will address three issues of interest to Guardsmen that fall under the... Read more
Washington Report (February 28, 2017) Military members are not immune from using social-media platforms to express their political opinions, which a researcher says “threatens to erode the trust in which the public holds the military, leading to it being viewed as just another interest group.” A... Read more
Washington Report (February 28, 2017) Legislation was to be introduced today by five Democratic senators that would address several issues for National Guard and Reserve members, including a disparity between components regarding education benefits. Legislative Alert: Write to Congress...Take... Read more
Washington Report (February 21, 2017) A nearly three-year effort to give all honorably discharged veterans shopping privileges for online military exchanges has been approved, according to an article published last week by Military Times. This change will affect service members who were honorably... Read more
Washington Report (February 21, 2017) A document calling for the mobilization of 100,000 National Guard troops to help with the capture and detention of illegal immigrants is a low-level, unapproved discussion paper and is not a plan being considered, according to the White House. Sean Spicer, the... Read more
Washington Report (February 14, 2017) In an effort to better balance civilian life with military service, the Air National Guard has initiated negotiations with employers on the number of reserve training days for its airmen, according to an article last week by Air Force Times. Lt. Gen. L. Scott... Read more
Washington Report (February 7, 2017) Service members and their families can access free tax-filing software and consultations to help them submit their annual taxes, according to information from the National Guard Bureau. Military members and their families can visit the Military OneSource website... Read more
Washington Report (January 31, 2017) Gen. Carlton D. Everhart, the Air Mobility Command commander, met with commercial airline executives last week to discuss the shrinking number of pilots and solutions for the growing problem for the industry and the Air Force. Everhart told Stars and Stripes... Read more
Washington Report (January 24, 2017) Former Rep. Heather Wilson, a graduate of the Air Force Academy who represented New Mexico in Congress for 10 years, has been nominated to be the next Air Force secretary. President Donald Trump made the announcement Monday at the White House. If approved, she... Read more
Washington Report (January 24, 2017) A few National Guard members among the 7,500 taking part last week in the inauguration of President Donald Trump got a chance for an up-close connection with the new president at the history-making event. That included two people with NGAUS ties. Yashika Fowler... Read more