Task Force Aim: Improve Total Air Force

NGAUS Washington Report

(Feb. 5, 2013) Maj. Gen. Mark Bartman, the head of the Ohio Air National Guard, represents the National Guard on an Air Force task force that is designed to better merge the active component and the two reserve components of the force.

The Total Force Task Force was announced last week in a memo from Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Gen. Mark Welsh, the Air Force chief of staff. Maj. Gen. Brian Meenan represents the Reserve and Maj. Gen. John Posner represents the active component on the task force.

The panel will complete a review by Oct. 1 that will be used in creating the fiscal 2015 budget, according to Air Force Times, which reported on the task force last week.

The task force is examining ways to better integrate the total force and to determine which component can best handle particular missions.

A statement from the Air Force Friday noted the increased integration of the force in recent years.

“In view of this increased integration—as well as upcoming strategic shifts driven by Post-Afghanistan reconstitution and the new Defense Strategic Guidance—the Air Force needs to undertake a comprehensive review of Total Force requirements and develop a strategic plan to ensure the USAF correctly balances the strengths of each of the components to sustain the capabilities required in the years ahead,” the statement said.