Survey Asks Mil Techs to Evaluate Their Value

NGAUS Washington Report

(April 2, 2013) National Guard and Reserve military technicians, who are facing 14 days of possible furlough later this year, will soon be asked to evaluate how valuable they are to their units.

A letter sent last week from the office of the deputy assistant defense secretary for manpower and personnel tells military technicians that they will soon be asked to take part in a survey about the value of the military technician program.

Military technicians wear uniforms, but are not considered military personnel for many purposes, including the proposed furlough of the civilian workforce made necessary by sequestration.

The letter says the survey is part of a study required by law so the defense secretary can determine “the feasibility and advisability of terminating the military technicians as a distinct personnel management category of the Department of Defense.”

The letter says, “Responding to the survey is voluntary. However, this will be your chance to express your views regarding the current military technician program and potential alternatives to it, a topic that directly affects you.”

The letter says terminating the program is not the only focus of the study. It also addresses possible changes to the current military technician program.