Sequester Part of Senate Talks

NGAUS Washington Report

(Oct. 15, 2013) Sequestration seems to be a major sticking point as senators try to hammer out a deal to end the government shutdown and extend the debt limit three months.

Defense News reports on its website today that ending sequestration, too, may be put off until at least mid-January 2014, when a second round of the across-the-board budget cuts are to take effect.

“There’s no final plan yet,” a Senate source told the publication Monday when word leaked that military leaders would have more flexibility under sequestration.

The lack of a deal to bring normalcy to the government is frustrating for the National Guard, said the NGAUS president today.

"Beyond the loss of weekend training, the shutdown coupled with the cuts of sequestration create a mounting level of uncertainty that clearly undermines morale," said retired Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett.

"After more than a decade of unparalleled service and sacrifice, Guardsmen nationwide now not only don't know when they will train next, they don't know if their units will have the resources they need or will even be around in the future."

Sequestration has become a sticking point because Republicans want to maintain the budget cuts it includes, but fear Democrats would fail to do that if sequestration’s harsh guidelines were relaxed.