NGB Chief to Army, Air Force: Use Us

NGAUS Washington Report

(June 4, 2013) The chief of the National Guard Bureau has told the chiefs of the Army and Air Force that the National Guard is available and asks the two leaders to use them.

“The National Guard is all in,” Gen. Frank J. Grass says in the two memos sent May 31. 
The memos can be found here.
Grass was seeking to clarify the Guard’s position on Army and Air Force rotational polices and confirm the Guard’s commitment to being used in all operations.
 In consultation with the Council of Governors and the adjutants general, Grass commits to utilizing the Guard for continued, maximum use for state and national emergencies as well as throughout the world in longer-term predictable rotations in Europe and Asia.  
He also states that previous assumptions about how the Guard is deployed “were helpful over the last decade, but they should not govern force planning assumptions in future contingencies”.
Using charts to support his arguments, Grass highlights the Air and Army Guard’s federal and state contributions prior to and since 9/11.