NGAUS Urges Congress to Stop Sequestration

NGAUS Washington Report

(Feb. 26, 2013) NGAUS is asking Congress to find an alternative to sequestration, which would cause great harm to the National Guard if the $85 billion in cuts for the current fiscal year kick in Friday.

Gen. Frank J. Grass, the chief of the National Guard Bureau, has outlined the difficulties the automatic spending cuts would create, resulting in a loss of readiness for both domestic emergencies such as floods and overseas combat missions.

Flying hours will be curtailed, as will maintenance for wheeled and tracked vehicles. Medical and dental examinations would be canceled for 115,000 soldiers and airmen causing a loss of medical readiness for 39 percent of the Army Guard.

Pete Duffy, the acting NGAUS legislative director, also points out that while sequestration mostly exempts military members and falls on civilian employees of the Defense Department, Guard military technicians would be impacted.

“Our National Guard military technicians will be the only group wearing military uniforms that will be subject to furloughs, further decreasing readiness in the force,” he said.

NGAUS intends to distribute a Legislative Alert to members ahead of Friday’s deadline asking them to urge their elected representatives to stop sequestration.

If spending cuts are necessary, NGAUS urges Congress to protect the progress made over the last 12 years by the country’s most cost-effective military force.