NGAUS Talks to Air Force Commission

NGAUS Washington Report

(June 4, 2013) Pete Duffy, the acting NGAUS legislative director, told the Commission on the Structure of the Air Force today that the Air National Guard can play a valuable role in the flying service’s future.
The commission was created by Congress a year ago in the wake of the Air Force’s attempt to cut people and aircraft from the Air National Guard without input from adjutants general or governors. It is now attempting to find the best mix of reserve and active components to serve the nation and complete the Air Force’s 21st century mission.
In prepared testimony, Duffy said, “NGAUS is not here today to advocate for the [Air National Guard] to become the leading component in the [U.S. Air Force]. Rather, it is important to highlight the need for a robust Guard in support of the active Air Force. The ANG has the same readiness levels as the USAF today because of the foresight and the investment the USAF put into the Guard.”
He added, “As our military shifts towards a new defensive strategy during fiscally austere times, we must recognize the value and capability the [Air Guard] brings to the betterment of the [Air Force], the defense of our nation and the service to our citizens.”
Duffy was joined at the hearing by Mary Catherine Ott, the NGAUS legislative affairs manager for air programs and cyber security, who was prepared to answer questions from the panel.
The full written testimony can be read here.