NGAUS Moving to New Membership Software

Washington Report

(June 17, 2014) NGAUS and the 54 state, territory and District of Columbia associations are in the final stages of transitioning to new computer software to manage membership data.

By the end of the month, NGAUS and all the state associations will be using the new association management software (AMS).  This marks the end of a more than year-long process since the NGAUS board approved purchasing a new software system.
The new software is designed to provide NGAUS and the states with more flexible and accurate membership information. It will also enable NGAUS and the states to better communicate with members and provide them with more control over their membership experience.
"Modernizing our software will help us better serve members," said Karen Cagle, the NGAUS principal deputy director of membership, development and marketing. "As we get over some growing pains and everyone becomes more familiar with the system, I think people will really see the value."
AMS is a one-stop-shop for all-things association related. Designated state association users can renew memberships, and edit profile information including rank, unit, address, phone number, multiple email addresses and more.  
The software also enables states and NGAUS to communicate membership data in real time. Previously, state associations had to enter data and send it to NGAUS in separate steps.
Cagle is working to ease the transition by providing training sessions around the country. She was in Tennessee in May and Pennsylvania this month. Associations interested in such training should contact her at