NGAUS Establishes Futures Committee

NGAUS Washington Report

(Dec. 10, 2013) Now that NGAUS has paid off the mortgage for its headquarters in Washington, D.C., the association has set up a committee to help determine the best way ahead given the association's new, stronger financial position.  

Members of the Futures Committee were appointed by Maj. Gen. Steve Danner, the NGAUS chairman. The group, made up of individuals representing all facets of NGAUS membership, will meet for the first time at the beginning of next year to discuss a financial way forward for the association.  

The committee includes …

Ex Officio

•    Maj. Gen. Steve Danner, NGAUS chairman
•    Maj. Gen. Frank Vavala, NGAUS immediate past chairman
•    Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst, NGAUS vice chair-Army
•    Maj. Gen. Donald P. Dunbar, NGAUS vice chair-Air


•    Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett (Ret.), NGAUS president (committee chairman)
•    Brig. Gen. Ken Ross (Ret.), NGAUS treasurer
•    Col. Murray Hansen, NGAUS secretary
•    Col. Frank McGinn, Area I-Army representative
•    Col. John Newman (Ret.),  NGAUS building committee member
•    Lt. Col. Pete Renagan (Ret.), NGAUS finance committee chairman  
•    Col. Anthony DeJesus, Area IV-Air representative
•    Col. Jimmie Cole, Area III-Army representative
•    Capt. Cassandra Steward, company grade-Air representative
•    Chief Warrant Officer 5 Terry Swartwout, warrant officer representative
•    Lt. Col. Ron Wagner (Ret.), retired/separated- Air representative

The committee has ideas they plan to consider but are always willing to listen to member ideas.  If you’ve got any to pass along, feel free to get in touch with any committee member. Most are on the NGAUS board and their email addresses are available here. Members may also email the committee at