NGAUS Creates Strategic Plan for 2013

NGAUS Washington Report

(June 4, 2013) The NGAUS Legislative staff has developed a strategic plan to coordinate its efforts on Capitol Hill as lawmakers wrestle with tough decisions caused by the limited resources available across the entire government, including the Pentagon.
The military can expect to see fewer men and women in uniform, curtailed training and fewer new weapons systems as Congress attempts to get federal spending under control.
Grace Washbourne, a NGAUS legislative analyst, said, “When any bureaucracy draws down in spending, it becomes important for organizations like NGAUS to engage Capitol Hill in a comprehensive, united manner.”
The strategic plan, which can be found here, provides an overarching philosophy as NGAUS and its 45,000 members address the legislative agenda that comes out of Congress.
The plan offers guidance to any NGAUS legislative analyst or member to keep five major ideas in mind when considering bills that would impact the Guard. 
Washbourne said the plan addresses the Guard’s cost effectiveness, it’s role as an operational force and in domestic response, and its ability to take on a cyber security mission. It also says NGAUS will push for stakeholder involvement, from the adjutants general to governors, in any defense review that will impact the Guard.

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