NGAUS Backs Amendments to Senate NDAA

NGAUS Washington Report

(Nov. 26, 2013) The Senate is currently considering its fiscal 2014 version of the National Defense Authorization Act. Included in the debate still to come are several amendments, several of which are supported by NGAUS. Here is a handful of amendments considered priorities by the association.

Senate Amendment 2063: This amendment limits the retirement of the A-10 Thunderbolt II until a sufficient number of F-35-A aircraft have been fielded to take over the critical close-air support mission to protect ground troops in combat.

Senate Amendment 2259: This amendment would allow the Air National Guard to respond to firefighting missions while in Title 32, or state, status. Currently, the Air Guard can respond only with direct approval of the defense secretary. The amendment allows the Guard to respond without waiting for that approval.

Senate Amendment 2284: National Guard members would receive preference points for federal jobs through their service in the Guard. Currently, Guardsmen receive points only when deployed. This idea originated at NGAUS.

Senate Amendment 2110: A Guardsman wounded in combat does not receive credit toward the Post 9/11 GI Bill for the time spent in recovery, essentially penalizing the soldier or airman for being wounded. This amendment would count that time receiving medical care as active-duty time that would count toward the education benefit.

Senate Amendment 2349: National Guard dual-status military technicians would be deemed essential and exempt from furloughs. During the government shutdown in October, nearly all 40,000 Guard military technicians were furloughed.