More Jobs for Veterans in 2012

(Jan. 7, 2013) An improving economy and a focus on hiring military veterans are credited with a significant drop in veteran unemployment in 2012.

The annual average for veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was 9.9 percent last year, down from 12.1 percent in 2011, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures reported today in USA Today.

That remains above the unemployment rate for the entire country, which is 7.8 percent, the newspaper noted.

Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg, head of Army personnel, is quoted saying employers are eager to hire veterans.

“These guys out there, they want our soldiers,” he said.

Secretary Hilda Solis, who leads the Department of Labor, said, “It just makes good bottom-line sense to hire veterans. They’ve been tested, time and again, in pressure-cooker situations.”

The news was not good for all veterans. One in five young veterans between the ages of 18 and 24 was not working in 2012, but that was down from one in four in 2011.

Women veterans have the toughest time finding work, according to the newspaper’s report. Their unemployment rate went up in 2012, from 12.4 percent to 12.5 percent.