Magazine: Special Ops, Special Day

(June 26, 2014) They perform important and dangerous missions purposely below the radar, which is why Special Operations National Guardsmen are known as “quiet professionals.”  They are in high demand and will get busier even as the war in Afghanistan comes to an end. Read about this unique group of warriors in the current issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

Seventy years ago, National Guardsmen went ashore in Normandy, France, as part of the largest invasion in the history of warfare. Many died. More would have died had it not been for the courage and discipline of others in the 29th Infantry Division. The story of their sacrifice and heroics on D-Day is told in the June issue of the NGAUS membership publication.

Scared of social media? Heard too many social media horror stories? Don’t worry. There are ways to make social media work for you. Learn the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of this new way of communicating. It’s waiting for you in NATIONAL GUARD.

The National Guard Educational Foundation is spreading the word. . . . The NGAUS chairman discusses a good year for NGAUS and the Guard. . . . Military wives serve an important role in the nation’s defense. . . . All of this, plus the annual Products and Services Directory, can be found in the current issue of NATIONAL GUARD, coming soon to your mailbox and available now online at