Magazine: RPAs, TAG's New Calling & Aloha

NGAUS Washington Report

(Aug. 13, 2013) Remotely piloted aircraft are here to stay. In fact, they are becoming more numerous in both the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard. But what about the future? Is there enough money for this innovative technology? NATIONAL GUARD examines the issue in the August issue now on its way to your mailbox.

Brig. Gen. Daniel M. Krumrei is the first chaplain to become a state adjutant general. He sees it as a natural progression in a career that seemed unlikely at first. The new boss in Illinois talks about his new role in this month’s NGAUS membership publication.

The 50th state to join the union prepares for the 2013 version of the NGAUS annual conference. Read about the upcoming event and prepare yourself for fun—and business—in the sun. The conference preview tells you what you need to know.

He was a businessman, farmer and soldier. Horace Capron served his country and his state in war and peace. This Illinois militiaman’s remarkable life is chronicled in the current edition of the NGAUS magazine.

The NGAUS chairman calls for an honest debate. … The association’s legislative director says it is time to grow the Army Guard. … The Yellow Ribbon program has been a success, but change is needed.

All this and more can be found in the August edition of NATIONAL GUARD. For an early look, go to