Magazine: Pacific Pivot, PowerPoint & More

NGAUS Washington Report

(Sept. 11, 2013) President Barack Obama wants the U.S. military to pivot to the Pacific. But the National Guard is already there. And ready to do more. Read about this major new stance for U.S. defense policy and the Guard’s role in it in the September issue of NATIONAL GUARD, coming soon to your mailbox.

Maybe you’ve seen a PowerPoint presentation. If not, where have you been hiding? The ubiquitous program has become almost as essential to the military as tanks and fighter jets. The NGAUS membership publication explains why you can’t go to war without it.

The Air National Guard director spent time answering questions from NATIONAL GUARD.  Lt. Gen. Stanley E. Clarke III believes in a Total Air Force and tells why. He also talks about what he hears from airmen when he visits bases around the nation. Clarke mentions this and much more in a candid conversation found in this month’s edition of the magazine.

The magazine also previews the upcoming NGAUS general conference in Honolulu, offers a message from the NGAUS chairman about the association’s success on Capitol Hill and features an excerpt from a book about the War of 1812 and the militia’s role in it.

You’ll also see the annual equipment guide and much more. For a sneak peek, go to