Magazine: Guard Future, Your Future

NGAUS Washington Report

(Oct. 29, 2013) What will the National Guard look like next year? Or beyond? In an era of cuts, it is hard to predict. NATIONAL GUARD takes a look at the possibilities  and what is being done about it in the current edition now on its way to your mailbox.

The Wounded Warrior Project is just one organization looking out for veterans. It's a new one. Some have been around for decades. Read about these organizations created to benefit you in the NGAUS membership publication.

The Pacific Region is anything but pacific. That's what attendees were told at the 135th General Conference & Exhibition. Read all about it.

Also, NGAUS now owns a building in Washington, D.C., that many of you are familiar with. ... The recent government shutdown showed how vulnerable some Guardsmen are to the whims of Congress. ... Floods in Colorado show the Guard's willingness to help their neighbors.

Read all of this and more in the October issue of NATIONAL GUARD. Read it online at