Magazine: Generals, Gettysburg & Sherpas

NGAUS Washington Report

(July 16, 2013) The Air Force’s top general calls the Air National Guard essential and accessible. He says the relationship between the active component and the reserve component is good. He also sees a solid mission for the Guard in cyber operations. Read what else Gen. Mark A. Welsh III has to say in the July issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

Maj. Gen. Raymond F. Rees got a look at Vietnam early in his career. He saw it again near the end of his time in uniform. In between, he had a full and accomplished career. As he prepared to step away from the Guard, Rees shared some thoughts with the NGAUS membership publication.

The Sherpa is on its last flight in the Army National Guard. Attempts to save it have failed and it seems to have no influential friends to argue its case. Read about the final days of this venerable aircraft in the July edition of NATIONAL GUARD, coming to your mailbox soon.

Seven score and 10 years ago, the small town of Gettysburg, Pa., was the site of a horrific battle. But the blood-soaked ground still offers lessons for the military and others. That story is the Guard Roots feature in the July issue.

Also, the NGAUS chairman has an idea for sexual assault prosecution in the active component: Do it the Guard way. …. Colorado Guardsmen spent Father’s Day battling a stubborn wildfire. … The NGAUS legislative director discusses a productive month.

All of this and more is in the July issue of NATIONAL GUARD. Check out the magazine online at