Magazine: Citizen-solons, Budget, Fellows

Washington Report

(April 29, 2014) Six members of the House of Representatives are also members of the National Guard. Three of them serve on the important House Armed Services Committee. How do these citizen-solons mix their two responsibilities? Read about it in the current edition of NATIONAL GUARD coming your way soon.

The defense budget does no favors for the Army National Guard. It includes reduced end strength and the removal of much of its flying arsenal. An explanation of how the budget got this way and what's being done about it can be found in the current issue of the NGAUS membership publication.

He was an adjutant general. He commanded troops in combat in Iraq. Now he is a member of the U.S. Senate. Sen. John Walsh talks about the transition from soldier to lawmaker. Read about him in NATIONAL GUARD.

Some Guardsmen go to work every day on Capitol Hill. They are Congressional Fellows and they get an inside look at the legislative process while educating members of Congress and congressional staff on the capabilities of Guardsmen. Their story is told in this month's magazine.

Also, read about a National Guard soldier who fought in World War I. ... Guardsmen help Washington state dig out from a deadly mudslide. ... NGAUS legislative staff talks about its priorities.

All of this and more can be found in NATIONAL GUARD. An early look is available at