Magazine: Apaches, Space, A Wooden Leg

(August 18, 2014) The Army considers its plan to remove AH-64 Apache helicopters from the Army National Guard little more than an exchange of aircraft. But a unit in South Carolina demonstrates what more will be lost—years of experience, decades of knowledge and a lot of pride. Read about it in the current issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

The National Guard has a mission with a high priority. Very high. For some Guardsmen, their mission takes them figuratively to outer space. Units from Alaska to Florida and places in between have their sights set on the heavens. Read about this unique mission in the NGAUS membership magazine this month.

It was once a busy highway tunnel. Then it was a deserted highway tunnel. The abandoned tunnel is busy again, providing the West Virginia National Guard with a place to train service members and first responders on a variety of scenarios. The details can be found in NATIONAL GUARD.

The Mexican general Santa Anna had a bad day in 1847. While losing a war, he also lost his wooden leg. It’s on display in Illinois and will stay there despite attempts to snatch it away. It’s an interesting part of National Guard history and it is in this month’s issue of the NGAUS magazine.

The chairman provides his annual report. . . . Details about the 136th General Conference and Exhibition are available. . . . Guardsmen battle wildfires out west…..

All of this and more can be found in the August issue of National Guard. The magazine is available online at