Jobless Rate Improves for 9/11 Veterans

NGAUS Washington Report

(July 9, 2013) The jobless rate for veterans of the post-9/11 era continued to drop last month. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an unemployment rate of 7.2 percent for those veterans, continuing a trend that began early this year when the rate was 11.7 percent in January.

The national unemployment rate is 7.6 percent.

The bad news in the statistics is for women. Unemployment for female veterans of the post-9/11 generation is 8.9 percent, according to Army Times. That’s nearly double what it was in May when it was 4.9 percent.

The decline in unemployment for this group is because of efforts by companies to specifically hire these veterans, according to The Los Angeles Times. The newspaper says companies have heeded President Barack Obama’s call to hire veterans, part of his nationwide campaign in 2011 called Joining Forces.

More than 2,000 businesses have connected to the president’s program. Wal-Mart plans to hire any honorable discharged veteran in the first year out of uniform. Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, plans to bring aboard 50,000 veterans over the next five years.

“Right now, hiring veterans is a popular thing to do,” Hayes Roth, the chief marketing officer of Landor Associates, a brand consulting firm, told the newspaper. “There’s more than charity or being nice people. It can be a smart business move.”