Good News Regarding Guard C-130 Aircraft

NGAUS Washington Report

(May 28, 2013) The House Armed Services subcommittee on seapower and projection forces provided some good news for the Air National Guard last week when it marked up its section of this year’s National Defense Authorization Act.

It chastised the Air Force for having “no plans to modernized or upgrade the C-130H propulsion system” and for not providing a fleetwide plan for the aircraft.

It also gave a nod to the Air Guard when it noted, “Knowing that the majority of the C-130H fleet resides within the Reserve Components of the Air Force ... the committee is concerned with the lack of initiative the [Air Force] Secretary has taken with regard to the modernization and upgrade of the C-130 aircraft.”

The future of the legacy C-130 fleet in the Air Guard has been a major concern after the fallout from last year’s Air Force budget battle. It has been a NGAUS priority this year to work with Congress to ensure a modernization plan for the Guard is recommended in the NDAA, and this is a great first step to ensure the Air Force does just that.

In addition to a modernization plan, the subcommittee recommended $26.4 million for C-130H propulsion system propeller upgrades; $74.3 million for C-130H propulsion system engine upgrades; and $47.3 million for continued procurement of 8 C-130 AMP kits and installation onto C-130H aircraft.

The House Armed Services Committee will do a full committee mark up of their NDAA on June 5.