Furloughs Cut from 11 to Six Days

NGAUS Washington Post

(Aug. 6, 2013) The Associated Press has learned that furloughs facing Defense Department civilians, including 48,000 uniformed National Guard dual-status technicians, have been cut from 11 days to six. The report was circulated early this afternoon.

The AP quotes officials saying the Pentagon found sufficient savings in the final months of the current fiscal year to end the mandatory furloughs. They have been taking one day off each week since early July and are beginning their fifth week of furloughs now. Next week should be the sixth and final furlough week.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel met with top leaders this week before approving the change in policy.

Prior to the announcement, the chief of the National Guard Bureau recognized the hardships caused by the furloughs of 48,000 dual-status technicians in his force and pledged his support for them.

“I am very concerned about the hardship the furlough could have on you and your families,” Gen. Frank J. Grass said in a release this week. “I am committed to the welfare of our most valuable asset—our people—and will continue to do everything in my power to provide you the support and assistance you deserve.”

The Guard bureau’s office of family programs has provided a list of organizations that provide assistance. The entire release with the list of organizations can be found at www.nationalguard.mil/news/archives/2013/08/080513-Programs.aspx.