Furlough Notices Rescinded in Wake of Budget Waiting Game

NGAUS Washington Report

(March 26, 2013) The National Guard Bureau is telling states that have already issued military technicians furlough notices to rescind them while the Pentagon determines what impact a short-term spending bill could have on some full-time military employees.

The Washington Post reported Monday that the Defense Department planned to issue furlough notices Friday, but an $85-billion short-term budget bill could change how furlough days could be administered. The department has delayed sending notices until April 5.

Guard officials in several states had already issued some furlough notices by mail before Friday and are now rescinding the notices, the Post reported.

NGAUS has been urging President Obama, the Pentagon and Congress to exempt military technicians from furloughs. The National Guard Coalition asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to exempt military technicians from the furloughs made necessary by sequestration.

NGAUS, the Adjutants General Association of the United States and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States sent the defense secretary a letter last week saying the readiness of the National Guard and the Reserve is dependent upon the work of the uniformed technicians.

“Military technicians perform daily the vital training, maintenance and administrative functions that maintain the high level of readiness required for critical domestic and overseas missions,” they wrote in the letter signed by the top official in each organization.

NGAUS also sent a Legislative Alert Monday asking members to ask President Obama to rescind the furloughs for military technicians. A number of other furlough-related legislative alerts can be sent to Congress here.