Continuing Resolution May Prevent Shutdown

NGAUS Washington Report

(Sept. 11, 2013) The fiscal year will expire Sept. 30 with no appropriation bill in sight. According to CQ, to avoid a shutdown of the government on Oct. 1, House Republican leadership is proposing a “stopgap” continuing resolution that would provide $986.3 million funding through Dec. 14.

However, this would have to gain broad Republican support to pass.

There is also talk of first requiring a controversial vote on whether to fund the Affordable Care Act before a vote on the continuing resolution.

Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky., the House Appropriations Committee chairman, warns that a shutdown would be destabilizing for the economy and jeopardize public safety.

Also looming is the vote on whether to raise the debt ceiling. If it is not raised by about mid-October, the United States will be unable to pay its bills and economic chaos could result if stock markets dive and interest rates skyrocket.