Board to Hagel: Operational Guard Needed

(May 10, 2013) The Reserve Forces Policy Board has responded to a request from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel about how best to use the National Guard and the Reserves.

Their recommendations are good news for both reserve components if the Pentagon boss takes it to heart.

In a report delivered  to Hagel, the RFPB makes a case for an operational Guard and Reserve, among other suggestions.

“Continued operational use of the Reserve Components offers a number of benefits,” the report says. “It helps to maintain the experience, skills, and readiness gained through twelve years of war for both military personnel leaving active duty and the 850,000 Guard and Reserve personnel who have been mobilized.”

The report says the Guard and Reserve were “essential to the successful conduct of the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Regarding the force mix, the board’s report notes, “The Reserve Components offer an affordable option, retaining capability and capacity that can be used when needed.”

The report can be read here.