Army Vice Chief: Unit Readiness at Risk

NGAUS Washington Report

(Aug. 27, 2013) The Army is preparing for years of lower readiness levels, a top officer told Breaking Defense, a military-related website.

Gen. John Campbell, the Army vice chief of staff, said many units will be kept at lower readiness levels as the service deals with smaller budgets and the impact of a possible second year of the sequester.

“We’re looking at having a certain number of brigades at a higher level of readiness,” he told the website. “Many of our units will go down much lower.”

He called it “progressive readiness” rather than tiered readiness, which the Army has said it would avoid. A preliminary plan could be made public within weeks, the general said.

“We’re going to adjust how we look at readiness,” he said. “We know that we’re going to have issues here for a couple years.”

Campbell said he anticipates further cuts forcing the service to “downsize to levels we’ve never seen before.”

“There’s talk about bring the Army down to levels that are pre-World War II,” he told Breaking Defense.

This would impact the National Guard and the entire reserve component. The article says that lowering the readiness of active-component units “blurs the distinction” between active brigades and those in the Guard.