AGAUS: National Guard on 'High Ground'

 Washington Report

(March 11, 2014) The future of the Army National Guard is now in the hands of Congress, where a "fair hearing" should result in an outcome beneficial to the nation and the Guard, the 54 adjutants general say in a statement released today through the Adjutants General Association of the United States.
"The last several months have been frustrating for the entire National Guard community," the Guard leaders say in their statement. Army plans to cut the Army Guard and weaken its role have never been discussed with those most affected.

The adjutants general point out that 50 governors signed a letter to President Barack Obama opposing the Army's plan. The adjutants general, too, made their displeasure known in a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

"The Adjutants General believe that the National Guard is operating from the 'high ground' and that our solutions to the difficult and painful budgetary problems are the right answers at the right time for our nation," they write in the statement.

The adjutants general support the idea of a commission to study the proper structure of the Army, which is now in legislation before the Congress.

The entire statement can be read here. Also, a NATIONAL GUARD interview with Maj. Gen. Ed Tonini, the president of AGAUS and adjutant general of Kentucky, can be found here.