Personnel & Benefits

The National Guard and Reserve full-time workforce has been in the news lately because of the furloughs that they are facing due to sequestration.  The original furlough has been cut from 22 to 14 days. That is okay news for the Guard, though it's far from optimal. Another announcement was made... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (March 12, 2013) Funding for tuition assistance has been stopped by the Army, Air Force and Marines as the services try to get a handle on spending in light of sweeping federal budget cuts. The Air Force’s move was reported today by Air Force Times, which said the program... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (Jan. 29, 2013) Higher co-payments for prescription drugs covered by TRICARE will go into effect Friday, the health provider reminds participants. The fiscal 2013 National Defense Authorization Act requires TRICARE to increase co-pays on brand name and nonformulary... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (Jan. 15, 2013) Recipients of TRICARE Prime who live more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or base closure site will have to move to a fee-for-service version of the health insurance. As of Oct. 1, TRICARE Prime, the military’s managed-care option, will end... Read more
NGAUS Washington Report (Nov. 20, 2012) Pete Duffy, the NGAUS acting legislative director, says there is still hope this year for S. 491, the Honor America's Guard-Reserve Retirees Act of 2011, a bill that would recognize as veterans reserve-component retirees who served 20 years. Current law... Read more
Via USA Today: Story Highlights Unemployment for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan remains a problem National Guardsmen juggle jobs and repeated deployments Vets must translate military skills into experience October 23. 2012 - LOUISVILLE — More than nine months after returning from a... Read more
Issue Overview NGAUS provides a voice on Capitol Hill for our National Guard members, their families and retirees to ensure that they receive proper benefits for their service, including medical coverage, education, retirement, veterans protection and employment opportunities. Personnel... Read more
Coming back from a warm and sunny holiday weekend, the NGAUS legislative team was ready for action. On Tuesday, we came back fresh off a long and beautiful holiday weekend, celebrating all those service members who bravely served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. With the Senate in... Read more
For members of the National Guard, who are sometimes called on to respond to domestic disasters or deploy overseas, it's critical that they know and understand their reemployment rights once they return from duty. Two girls welcome their dad, a member New Jersey National Guard 119th Combat Service... Read more
We bring this second week of May (already?) to a close with a weekly wrap up, our new Friday feature summarizing everything that's happened this week and a preview of what to expect next week. What we've been up to....-On Monday, NGAUS started a blog. Obviously. (Thanks for reading!)-On Tuesday,... Read more