Issues & Advocacy

Mary Catherine Ott

Mary Catherine Ott serves as Legislative Affairs Manager at NGAUS with responsibilities for overseeing strategy and execution of legislative priorities related to Air National Guard funding and equipment as well as cyber security policy. In her role, she develops targeted lobbying and communications strategies, engages members of Congress and their staff, analyzes legislation with an emphasis on the Defense Authorization bills, coordinates grassroots legislative action campaigns, and identifies issues and opportunities in the legislative environment.

Prior to joining NGAUS, Ott worked for Missouri Senators Kit Bond and Roy Blunt assisting in a variety of issues, with a focus on defense, foreign affairs, veterans, budget, homeland security and telecommunications. She is an active member in the National Defense Industry Association, Women in Defense, Association for Enterprise Information and the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association.

Ott holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History from Providence College in Providence, RI.