Welcome to the NGAUS Blog!

If you are a repeat visitor to the NGAUS website, you probably noticed some improvements today. 

After nine months of hard work, NGAUS has launched this updated version of the website. Visitors will now be able to access information much more easily than they could before, and new additions -- like this blog -- will allow NGAUS to better communicate with members and the public. 

So, I can't think of a better way to say it: Welcome!

Right now, you are reading the new NGAUS Blog, which will cover any and all issues important to the National Guard, from state stories to national legislation that will affect the entire force. We have rolled our old blog, the NGAUS Legislative Corner, into the NGAUS blog, so all past entries are archived here. 

In the coming weeks, months and years, this blog will be a space for discussion of important National Guard-related topics, as well as information for NGAUS members. If you are a NGAUS member interested in blogging here, please submit your ideas to Andrew Waldman.

Andrew Waldman is a staff writer and blog editor for NGAUS. Reach him at 202-408-5892 or by email at andrew.waldman@ngaus.org


New site looks great! The only thing that I noticed is that when using the Write to Congress Feature it does not tell the person to enter their zip code. I am afraid that a new person might not know to input their zip code?

Michele, thanks for the feedback! Glad you like the site. I'll forward your concern about Write to Congress on to our web team. -andrew waldman

Hi Michele,

Which page or type of screen are you viewing the Write to Congress feature on? If you're looking at the tool in the website footer or home page on a computer monitor, the space where you would enter you zip code reads "Enter your zip code."

We definitely want to get this fixed if it isn't showing in all places.


Melissa Krystek


Andrew, this is really great to have a site for blogging on relevant Guard issues.

The Reserve Forces Policy Board's Final Report on Fully Burdened Costs of Military Personnel was released today. This is very relevant information to our nation, taxpayers and our national defense.


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