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The Defense Department’s fiscal 2015 budget calls for major cuts to Army National Guard personnel end-strength and a radical restructuring of its aviation assets that threaten to put the Guard back on the shelf as a strategic reserve.

Should Congress go along with the plan, the reductions would lessen the Guard’s ability to serve as a reserve of the Army and respond to domestic disasters.

You and I are well aware of this, but much of the American population is not, which is where I can use your help.

The American public needs to know who in the U.S. military does what, where and how often and how much everything really costs. Our fellow citizens also need to know what these proposed cuts would mean to the Guard and their communities.

And who is better to share that information than you?

Share your Guard story to friends, neighbors and co-workers. Tell them what you do and what your unit would do in the event of an emergency. And explain what these cuts could mean to your state or territory.

You can also join others in telling the Guard story elsewhere across the country. Here’s how:

  • Join our 45,000-plus members as we continue to advocate for a well-trained, well-equipped operational National Guard.
  • Keep up to date with the latest news and information on cuts to the Army National Guard on our ARNG webpage.
  • Write to Congress and let your representative and senators know the importance of the National Guard.
  • Like our Facebook and Twitter pages. Want to be a part of the conversation? Dive into the comments section, share NGAUS posts and let your voice be heard. NGAUS will be selecting quotes from NGAUS members and Guardsmen for a weekly “Voices from the Field” shout-out on our Facebook page.
  • Do you have more on your mind than a Facebook comment or a 140 -character tweet? Contact John Goheen or Ron Jensen for publishing opportunities in NATIONAL GUARD magazine, Washington Report and the NGAUS website blog.
  • Be active with your local media by writing letters to the editor and appearing on local news and talk shows telling the Guard story.
  • Meet with local civic and state leaders and staff to explain the value of the National Guard to the community.
  • Accompany your peers and families to town hall meetings hosted by your congressional delegations and urge them to legislatively support a strong National Guard.
  • Invite your local, state and national representatives to visit your armories and training facilities.

The militia has always responded to a call to arms in times of war as it has done without fail or hesitation since 9/11. Now we need you to actively respond in your communities and on social media. Be active and make a difference. Our nation needs to hear your voice.

Retired Maj. Gen. Gus Hargett is the NGAUS president.

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