Lt. Gen. Grass to Formally Become Chief of the National Guard Bureau Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day! Army Lt. Gen. Frank Grass will succeed Air Force Gen. Craig McKinley as Chief of the National Guard Bureau at the Pentagon. In July, Lt. Gen. Grass was confirmed by the U.S. Senate for this new post.

During the ceremony, Lt. Gen. Grass will finally receive his fourth star making him the second four-star General to hold the top Guard job as well as second Chief of the Guard to serve as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

In his new job, Lt. Gen. Grass will be responsible for ensuring that the more than half a million Army and Air National Guard troops are trained and ready to perform their mission at home and overseas. He will be the important channel of communication to the governors, adjutant generals as well as adviser to the President. 

In his hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee in July,  Grass told senators "your National Guard is more ready, more capable and rapidly deployable than ever before in our nation's history and also ready to respond to disasters in our states, territories and the District of Columbia...The past decade has also demonstrated that the National Guard is an operational force and a critical partner with the Army and the Air Force in all missions, all contingencies and on the North American continent." 

As Chief of the National Guard Bureau, Grass told Senators, "I will work to ensure the capabilities gained since 9/11 are not lost and the investment not squandered."

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will host the ceremony tomorrow morning at 8am. NGAUS looks forward to seeing the newly appointed Chief at the NGAUS Conference in Reno where he will be speaking on Tuesday, September 11th.

Are you excited for the new Chief? Let us know your thoughts on Gen. Grass's new job. 

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