Analyze This

Here at NGAUS, we love analyzing things. I guess you could call us "left-brainers". As we mentioned in our very first blog post, our job is to help you understand what's going on in the National Guard and in Congress in simple, understandable ways. We pore through a lot of bills and legislative proposals and try to make sense of them. We closely track the 3 biggest bills related to the National Guard: the National Defense Authorization Act (the policy bill), Defense Appropriations (the $ money bill), and the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill (the other $ money bill). 

To make sense of it all, we analyze them and provide you with an overview of the important provisions and funding lines relevant to the National Guard. Our analysis shows you what Congress is supporting this year, whether or not the Guard is getting more or less money and where that money is going, and we'll share what Congress has to say about it all. They share their 2 cents on why they did what they did in their committee reports, and we always share those as well. 

We encourage you to check out what's happening with these bills as they move through the legislative process - from the House, to the Senate, and finally to the President's desk for signature. 

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