NGAUS Debuts Legislative Strategic Plan

In the current fiscally constrained environment, our federal government is facing difficult choices in prioritizing federal programs. Some of the most contentious discussions are taking place within the Department of Defense as they grapple with the drawn down of the wars and settle on new strategic priorities for the future. These decisions about military end strength, force structure and readiness will shape the National Guard for years to come. 
When any bureaucracy draws down in spending, it becomes very important for organizations like NGAUS to engage Capitol Hill in a comprehensive, united manner. We are committed to the men and women of the National Guard and ensuring that the National Guard remains the strong operational reserve it is today. We will fight to protect and enhance the Guard’s ability to respond to natural and man-made disasters and insure that the Guard retains missions overseas and missions of the future, like cyber security.The service provided to this country by the National Guard resulted in Congress putting the Chief of the National Guard on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

But doors in the Pentagon do not open overnight, and it is important that everyone who is committed to a strong National Guard from its leaders to its newest recruits be vigilant on decisions that will be made this Congress. Everyone needs to tell the Guard story so we are not drowned out by competing interests and old ways of doing business that made the Guard a backbench voice in national security policy making.

Based on our state resolutions and input from our membership both active, retired and industry, NGAUS has created a strategic plan for the 113th Congress. We have shared this plan with Congress and will use it to guide us in all our activities and outreach. We have also shared it with the National Guard leadership, the adjutants general and the National Association of Governors because we are an open and inclusive association that recognizes the value of unity of effort. 

Check out the plan and tell us what you think in the comments section below.  

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