Preliminary Guard Funding Numbers from the President's Budget

The President's Budget was submitted to Congress Wednesday, and it looks like the administration is requesting a little less for the Guard than was in the budget last year.

And there are several major cancellations in the budget that could affect the Guard, including C-27Js, AH-64 Apache upgrades and the C-130 avionics modernization program. Military construction and the National Guard's counterdrug program take big hits in the budget request. 

Throw in the new enrollment fees and increased co-pays for those using TRICARE, and the future looks a little darker for the Guard. 

While it sounds dire, it's hard to say what will actually make it into the final budget at this early stage in the process. There are just too many unknowns.

"The reason that this isn’t so drastic and shocking is because this does not factor in sequestration at all," says Annie Lively, the NGAUS Army programs manager. "And the budget numbers, cancellations and end strengths would be much more drastic if they did. It makes a lot of assumptions that Congress is going to sort it all out." 

Can Congress sort it out? History tells us that compromise has been difficult in Washington lately. 

Here is a rundown of some of the most important topline numbers affecting the Guard in the President's Budget. 

  • End Strength: Army - 354,200; Air - 105,400
  • Personnel:   Army - $8.041 billion; Air - $3.177 billion
  • Operations and Maintenance: Army - $7.054 billion; Air - $6.566 billion
  • Military Construction: Army - $321 million; Air - $119 million
  • Counterdrug Program: $938 million

NGAUS has this analysis of the budget request (PDF). 


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