Defense Appropriations Bill to Include Robust National Guard Funding



On Monday, the House Appropriations Committee released draft language for a full-year Continuing Resolution and a Fiscal Year 2013 Defense spending bill agreed to by House and Senate defense appropriators. This bill would provide stop-gap funding for the federal government through the end of September.

The bill contains numerous provisions which would fund National Guard accounts at or above the FY13 request, with the exception of ARNG Personnel.  The bill would also provide $460M each in NGREA funds for the Army and Air National Guard. 

Included in the draft language is a provision that would prevent the expenditure of funds to retire, divest or realign Air Force aircraft, and to disestablish or convert units associated with such aircraft, or any other unit of the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve (excluding actions affecting C-5, C-17, or E-8 aircraft and units). However, NGAUS spoke with NGB and HAC-D staff and learned that this provision is not a mistake, but is holdover language from House and Senate staff negotiations conducted last November. Therefore, the ANG moves authorized in the NDAA, which was passed in December, will go forward as planned.

Top line funding for National Guard accounts and NGREA are as follows: 


  • ARNG: $8B ($121M below request)
  • ANG:  $3.1B ($43M above request)

Personnel, Overseas Contingency Operations

  • ARNG: $583M (at request)
  • ANG: $10.4M (at request)

Operations and Maintenance

  • ARNG: $7.1B ($45M above request)
  • ANG: $6.5B($478M above request)

Operations and Maintenance, Overseas Contingency Operations

  • ARNG: $392.4M ($10M above request)
  • ANG: $34.5M ($14.5M above request)


  • ARNG: $613.7M (at request)
  • ANG: $42.3M (at request)


  • ARNG: $460M
  • ANG: $460M

The following programs will also be funded as a result of the draft language:


  • A $130M plus-up for National Guard counter-drug state plans


  • An additional $100M in Army Procurement for the ARNG HMMWV modernization
  • Funds appropriated for the CH-47 Chinook multiyear procurement contract
  • Procurement of one additional LUH
  • An $199M program increase for ARNG UH-60M Blackhawks and an additional $110M for UH-60 A to L conversions
  • Language to prohibit the retirement of the C-23 Sherpa and $10.3M to retain 8 aircraft


  • $62.5M for AESA radars on ANG F-15s
  • Additional procurement funding for two Modular Airborne Firefighting Systems units

The House is expected to vote on and approve the bill on March 7.  Senate appropriators have indicated that they would like to pass a full Omnibus Spending bill providing Fiscal Year 2013 funding for the entire government.  With the current Continuing Resolution set to expire on March 27th, the Senate will have approximately three weeks to negotiate with the House and pass a final bill. 


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