NGB Releases 2013 ANG Weapons Systems Modernization Priorities Book

Today the National Guard Bureau released its 2013 Air National Guard Weapons Systems Modernization Priorites book, illustrating the top funding priorities and requirements for this year.

In October, warfighters from across the U.S. gathered in Tuscon, Ariz. for the 31st annual Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC). This year's theme was "Persistent Conflict - Enabling the Warfighter," focusing on the rapidly expanding missions of the Air Reserve Component.

With Tuscon being the home of the Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Cetner (AATC), the 162nd Figher Wing, and the 355th Fighter wing, attendees were able to interact and discuss needs of the field. WEPTAC allows for units across the U.S. to share their missions, weapons and tactical knowledge with other important players within the Natoinal Guard operational loop.

The ultimate result of these discussions is the Moderinzation book, which lays out the top issues and requirements needed in the field.

Check out the whole 2013 Air National Guard Weapons Systems Modernization Priorites book here.