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Welcome to the NGAUS Legislative Corner – our new blog about what’s happening at the intersection between the National Guard, Congress and your daily lives (it's a 3-way stop). We plan to make this blog a conversation. We understand that what goes on in Washington can be confusing and sometimes even overwhelming. Many times, it even leaves us scratching our own heads, but as your in-house policy wonks (read:nerds), it's our job to break it all down for you in simple, understandable ways. Here, we'll talk about issues affecting the National Guard and what Congress and the Department of Defense is (or isn't) planning to do about them. We’ll be straight with you about how we view an issue and hopefully give you some insight into what's happening on Capitol Hill. Conversely, we hope you’ll give us your thoughts about what we’re doing and the issues affecting you, your job, and your family.

First, a bit of background – and a promise that our blog posts won’t be as long as this one. The National Guard Association is a non-partisan  45,000-member association representing the interests of almost 500,000 National Guardsmen across the country. Formed in 1878, NGAUS is focused on procuring better equipment, standardized training and a more combat-ready force by petitioning Congress for resources. Well over a century later, we still have the same mission. Our goal is to maintain the freedom and security of this nation by guaranteeing a strong national defense through the provision of a vital, dynamic National Guard as a part of the Total Force.

Our members are young and old, active and retired, title 10 officers and traditional Guardsmen living and working in their communities as accountants and firefighters. They're the men and women that over the last 10 years have protected this country from threats domestically and abroad, served proudly in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have aided their communities during natural disasters. Needless to say, our members are pretty amazing, and we're honored to have the privilege to work for them.

As lobbyists, we're here to listen to the issues that you care about and advocate for things that will help you continue serve this great nation and improve your quality of life. Easy enough, right? We're fully committed to that pledge, and we'll continue to strive to be your go-to resource for information on funding, retirement, healthcare, equipment, employment, and many, many other issues. The other wonky blogs have nothing on us!

What we will offer with this blog is perspective — breaking down legislation and information and giving you our two cents on it. We may not always agree with each other. But we hope you’ll turn to this blog as a place where you can come for honest viewpoints.

So mark this blog as your new favorite, check back often, and we'll chat about the National Guard….or blog, rather.

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