Weekly Wrap Up

As another busy but productive week draws to a close, we have to wish a happy (belated) 237th birthday to the Army! We blame the delicious creole food, courtesy of the Louisiana National Guard, wafting up the stairs at 3pm yesterday for the brain hiccup. 

What we've been up to....

  • On Monday, we talked about PTSD and its prevalence in the National Guard, in honor of PTSD Awareness Month.
A soldier from the Tennessee National Guard 
is greeted by Jasmine, a therapy dog.
  • On Wednesday, we were all "Whaaaa!?" when the Air Force said, for the billionth time, they still want to cut the Guard. I mean, I guess it shouldn't have been that surprising.
  • On Thursday, we gave you the scoop on what was discussed in the last major hearing before the Senate marks up its final defense bill. Hint: The Secretary of Defense still stands behind offering the Air Guard 24 C-130s as a compromise. 

As they say in movies, that's a wrap! Before we go, we do want to say again how much we love our readers....over 3,700 to date! Keep reading, keep sharing, and have a WONDERFUL weekend! See you back here on Monday!

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