Weekly Wrap Up

Don't worry, loyal readers. We didn't die of heat stroke this week when temps shot up to "ZOMG, do we live on the sun!?" However, we're convinced that someone should engineer suits made of that Under Armour Heat Gear stuff since wool suits are crazy hot, and we've never been able to pull off the Seersucker.

Actual temp. reading in Dupont Circle on Wednesday

What we've been up to....

  • On Monday, we announced that the President nominated Air Force Maj. Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel for National Guard Vice Chief, a position created with the Empowerment language in the FY12 NDAA.
  • On Tuesday, we encouraged you to write to your Members of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor a Concurrent Resolution honoring the National Guard’s 375 years of service and affirming congressional support for ‘maintaining an Operational Reserve as a component of the Armed Forces'. 
  • On Wednesday, we shared a letter from Senate Guard Caucus Co-Chairs, Sens. Leahy (D-VT) and Graham (R-SC), questioning the future plans of the nominee for the next Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Mark Welsh.
  • On Thursday, we scratched our heads as to why the AF plans to bring the Guard's C-27Js home from Afghanistan and replace them with the more expensive C-130 after Congress basically told them not to do things like this. 
  • NGAUS Legislative Staff & Chris Chon,
    ARNG Fellow for Rep. Bishop (D-GA)
    • We also attended a House Democratic Whip Defense Meet-and-Greet and networked with the Military Legislative Assistants (MLAs). More than 30+ offices attended. 
  • Today, we're announcing that Annie Lively was selected as the new Senior Legislative Affairs Manager for Army Programs here at NGAUS, and Mary Catherine Ott joins the Army team as Legislative Assistant. As always, your legislative team will continue to fight for the best interests of the amazing members of the National Guard.
What's going on next week....
  • We'll welcome the Indiana National Guard as they come to DC to meet with their Members of Congress.

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