Senate Armed Services NDAA Details Finally Made Public

Last night, the Senate Armed Services Committee published the finalized bill and committee language for the FY13 National Defense Authorization (NDAA). As we discussed last Wednesday, the bill includes a lot of great things for the Guard. However, after further reviewing the committee language, it also leaves a few key priorities out. In an effort to not rewrite everything we discussed in our SASC NDAA blog post last week, we'll give you updates to what we learned last week.



For the Air Guard....



  • Halts the ANG Cuts (exception: C-5s will be replaced with C-17s)
  • Establishes a National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force in response to the lack of analysis and justification for the Air Force’s proposals letting force structure reductions fall more heavily on the Air National Guard.
  • Authorizes 106,435 End Strength; 22,313 Dual Status Technicians; 14,871 AGR, 350 Non-Dual Status; 16,000 ADOS.
For the Army Guard....
  • Doesn't authorize funding for 10 UH-60Ms for the ARNG (House appropriations bill does).
  • Authorizes $91 million above PB request for 33 extra Abrams tanks to keep production facilities running, but doesn't include language to give them to the Guard as we had hoped. House bill authorizes and appropriates $181 million.
  • Authorizes 358,200 End Strength; 28,380 Dual Status Technicians; 32,060 AGR, 1,600 Non-Dual Status; 17,000 ADOS.
The bill funds National Guard accounts at or above the President's budget request. However, it does not authorize NGREA funding.

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