NGAUS Welcomes Outstanding Soldiers and Non-Commissioned Officers

Today NGAUS hosted four Army National Guard Outstanding Soldiers/Non-Commission Officers of the Year.

Earlier this month, seven Soldiers and seven non-commissioned officers competed in a head to head in the Army National Guard's Best Warrior Competition to see who was the best of the best. The four day competition pitted the 14 participants against one another under stressful situations and extreme environmental elements. 

On August 2nd, Army Sgt. Mark Fuggiti, a supply specialist with Company C, Recruiting and Retention Battalion, Pennsylvania Army National Guard; and Army Sgt. Matthew Howard, an artillery crewmember with Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Fires Brigade, Arkansas Army National Guard, rose above the field as the top Soldier and non-commissioned officer of the year.

These soldiers had to undergo obstacles that tested them both physically and mentally, fitness tests and challenge courses. But it was a long road to get to the ultimate competition, full of several competitions at the local, state and regional level before they could make their way to the Army National Guard's Best Warrior Competition.

Along the way, each competitor was supported by a sponsor with competition experience, charged with assisting them with any issues that could come up. These sponsors helped to train each individual to help hone their Soldier skills.

NGAUS was happy to have these victors in our building today to partake in a Legislative Briefing as well as a tour of the National Guard Museum.

We look forward to Sgt. Fuggiti and Stg. Howard representing the Guard in the Army’s Best Warrior competition scheduled for later this year.

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