Go Out and Vote!

Today is the day. Have you voted yet?

After months of campaigning, fund raising, debates and partisan rhetoric, the day has finally arrived - the citizens of the United States will elect their next president.

Feel free to check out the New York Times and Politico for a presidential election breakdown of possibilities and comprehensive election coverage from now until after the polls close across the nation.

Also, click here for poll closing times.

Via Politico

But don't forget, there are plenty of House and Senate races that could and will have a huge impact on the majority control in both chambers. Any potential leadership shakeups will ultimately impact the agenda and strategy of the Lame-Duck Congress.

Next week, Congress will return to Washington for a six-week stretch, with significant focus on negotiations surrounding the "Fiscal Cliff" - addressing expiring tax cuts and the $1.2 trillion sequester that will go into effect in January - as well as hammer out a deal to proceed on passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. There has even been talk about a spending package to address disaster relief needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

For many in Congress, though the long election battle may be over, the bigger issues are still waiting to be tackled in Washington.

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