Air Force Leadership Still Doesn't Get It

Yesterday, we hosted 57 officers from 31 different states here at NGAUS for the Air National Guard Commanders Development Course. It was a great day filled with presentations, NGAUS and NGB briefings and panel discussions with Hill Guard fellows as well as Military Legislative Assistants (MLAs) from the House and Senate.

As you can imagine, a lot of the discussion focused on the cuts to the ANG, and our Congressional partners echoed the sentiments of a lot of Members of Congress......the Air Force just doesn't get it. 

After all of this time, from releasing their budget for the ANG, to getting very publicly repudiated in Congressional comments and hearings, to Congress repeatedly calling for the analysis for the cuts which, to date, the Air Force has not given them (Air Force talking points don't count), to the SecDef stepping in to represent the AF in the Council of Governors negotiations, to finally Congress putting their foot down and completely undoing everything the AF proposed for the ANG, the AF has not changed their course. Couple this with hundreds of local and national media oulets covering every move, and from a public relations perspective, it looks like a big ole' mess.

At what point does the AF self-reflect and say, "You know what, we may have screwed up. We didn't think through this clearly, and here's how we're going to fix it." Quite the opposite, in fact, as we woke up to read this




I think everyone here had a collective "Are you kidding me!?" moment when we saw this. Clearly, no one in the entire Air Force leadership structure has read the book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People".




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