Issues & Advocacy

Strategic Plan

The challenges and opportunities of the National Guard's changing environment suggest the need for enhanced capacity to act as one voice - that is, to chart strategic directions and mobilize the National Guard community around those directions.

The NGAUS strategic plan sets the direction for advocacy efforts and drives the work of the NGAUS legislative staff, the state Adjutants General, the Board of Directors, and the Task Forces. The strategic plan was developed in coordination with members and approved in 2013. 

NGAUS' strategic plan outlines five outcome-oriented goals to support a strong, effective National Guard.
NGAUS will work to:
  1. Leverage the cost-effective National Guard as the solution for preserving Total Force capability
  2. Preserve the capabilities of the National Guard as an Operational Force
  3. Protect and enhance the National Guard’s domestic response capabilities by pursuing statutory changes that promote accountability and readiness
  4. Promote and expand the role of the National Guard in cyber operations
  5. Assure representation and full involvement of the National Guard, the Adjutants General and the Council of Governors in the Quadrennial Defense Review and any other defense reviews affecting National Guard roles and missions or force structure

The Strategic Direction to the National Guard (June 2013) by Gen. Frank J. Grass, the National Guard Bureau chief, can be found here.